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Canta la Rana was born from our desire to create a place integrated into nature, where plants, ponds and pools are united.

It is a place that favors natural materials such as wood, stone or slate..

The lodge was built by “Ticos” (Costa Ricans) living nearby, thus contributing to the economic development of the local community.

From its conception, our project took into account the use of numerous natural forms of ventilations allowing us to maintain a pleasant temperature in the rooms. Helped by fans, they provide our guests with great comfort.

These concepts allow us, together with other equipment, to moderate our consumption and maintain a reasonable footprint, even though the production of electricity using green and renewable origins is 100% the Costa Rican way.

The preservation of our environment is also part of our own values.

We recycle waste water (showers, washbasins, etc.) for watering the garden and the vegetable patch.

The linens and care products made available to you are organic and biodegradable…

Finally, we want to offer our guests quality local food:

To this end, we have initiated a collaboration with small local producers, to which we have added the planting of an orchard and the creation of a vegetable garden (in the planning stages) which will provide our guests with fresh and seasonal products.

Unspoiled Nature


Costa Rica is home to one of the greatest plant and animal diversities in the world.

Our Ecolodge is located on the edge of the forest and overlooks the narrow coastal valley of San Miguel: You can discover no less than 4 different natural ecosystems (forest – mangrove – coastal strip – marine environment).

Here nature is powerful, omnipresent and fascinating…

Who we are

Originally from Cuba and France, we have lived in different countries, including many years in Mexico, before settling in Costa Rica, seduced by the beauty of the virgin landscapes and the kindness of the inhabitants. 

Ideally located in the Nicoya Peninsula, we are in one of “The Five Blue Zones” of the planet where life expectancy is the longest. 

We wish to share with our guests our happiness living in Playa San-Miguel, surrounded by an exceptional dry tropical forest, and bounded by the Pacific Ocean. 

We invite you to revitalize in “Canta la Rana”, within a natural setting that its inhabitants have preserved.


Our philosophy


Many people are stressed by work demands or assaulted by hostile urban environments. That’s why it’s important to take a break, and take the time to find yourself, breathe, feel and marvel at nature… 

Canta la Rana has established itself in Guanacaste, away from crowded tourist centers, to offer our guests, a soothing environment in virgin nature. 

We have only three individual suites, allowing us to offer our guests privileged and personalized attention.



“The Ceiba suite” is suspended over the forest.

From the large outdoor daybed sheltered from the sun, to the private jacuzzi, you will be able to watch the animals come to quench their thirst at dusk, or watch the sun set in the Pacific.


“The Caoba suite” is the largest in our ecolodge.

It is accessed from a footbridge above a large pond. It will give you access to the main infinity swimming pool facing the ocean, to the large deck as well as to a small pavilion where it will be pleasant for you to read and dream at the edge of the water…


“The Teca suite is the most romantic, sheltered by its walled garden. It will make you want to relax under one of its two covered terraces, or in the water of its private infinity pool facing the rainforest and the Pacific